So much has happened…

It’s difficult to know where to start!

We finally moved house. And that was fun! If I can offer one bit of advice to anyone, if you can, try and avoid completing and exchanging on two houses in one day, a bag of laughs it is not, especially when your deposit for your new house magically disappears for a couple of hours before reaching your purchasing solicitor, damn that was fun. All the same we did do the sensible thing of booking a night in the Premier Inn,  a little bit indulgent but way better than trying to build the bed whilst the removal company were y’know, moving us in!

There will be lots more articles / posts featuring the moving in process and how our lives are changing (for the better) to the new home.

Sadly, we’ve both lost our dads this year. Richard, Christine’s dad, died in September and the day before his funeral, my died finally joined mum in the next world. I’m saddened, I think I’ve succeeded this time in not squashing my feelings into a repressed ball of degenerative anger (like I did with mum). Obviously, I’m going to miss the pair of them for the rest of my time here, but these things are part of life and to deny them…it’s just not healthy.

On a physical level, my body has been an absolute git this year! First there was the  iliotibial band syndrome, affecting my right knee, which royally screwed up my walking. Now this has been either replaced or joined by Palmoplantar Psoriasis…which makes your feet look awful and hurts to even stay still. At least the treatment for the foot thing is an actual cream smeared all over my feet twice a day. The treatment for the knee thing involved exercises that I could just never do as this started whilst I was still living in a box-filled flat with no room to swing a cat, not that either of us is strong enough to swing ‘Pepper’ anywhere!  On Thursday I (embarrassingly) fell downstairs and whilst this burned my right elbow, bruised my left forearm and gave me a bruise I cannot even see on my left buttock…it seems to have done something magical to my right knee! The evidence of this is that I went for a six-miles walk yesterday morning and although my feet were overheating to the max by the end of the walk, my knee was great, no pain at all.

Okay, so that was an extremely condensed version of my last three or four months. I do plan on keeping a bit more up to date as I can see myself getting more accustomed to our home office where I have a linux PC setup – with two monitors, just for net stuff !

Bye for now.