Fat Goat, Dry January

Now it’s been said that I like a drink…

I can catergorically deny this, I never stop at just one!

New year will see a difference in me as I aim to spring through January alcohol free!

Gulp! Or not, as the case may be!

Not only will this be good for my pocket, with my minimum standard of wine going for around £6 per bottle, but the health benefits should be of even greater value…as this year (2018) my liver has had a right kicking…so to speak.

The aim is to not touch a drop of the lovely stuff (Wine, Beer, Whiskey…hand sanitiser, grapes which have been in the fridge for too long – none of it) from one second after-midnight on January the first, until midnight on January the 31st.

It goes without saying, that I’ll be blogging away about it – remember Winterdan, when I starved myself on a daily basis for ten days; a few years back? No? Okay well it was tough…especially as this was the run-up to Christmas, but I managed…and lost a couple of pounds in the process so here’s hoping that a month of no booze will have a similar knock-on effect, I’ll need some assistance in order to get around the Anglezarke Amble in February!!!

I’ve decided to do this for Mountain Rescue, Mountain Rescue are a well-deserving charity as each team is staffed entirely by volunteers who face very real dangers when going out, sometimes in the dead of night on public bank holidays in all sorts of weather conditions, to rescue people trapped in such places as Crib Goch, Snowdon or Helvellyn. 


I’ve never needed them, yet – although there was a time on Sca Fell when I’d have gladly accepted a lft from them… I’ve decided to get money for the central organisation as opposed to a regional branch as this will go towards the upkeep and maintanance of a rescue helicoper (or two).

So, this January, when you are about to have a crafty snifter, or go out on the lash, think of me in my sobriety and if you could see your way to donating to this worthy cause we’d be ever so grateful.

Cheers / Salut / Salute / Noroc!

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