2019 The walking year that never was

The more observant of you (two) will hardly have failed to noticed that I have not really done much walking this year. There are many contributing factors:

  1. Work, I do the odd open day or Welcome Sunday and I get overtime, difficult to turn this down to be honest.
  2. Bad weather, this has been the first year that I can remember when at times it’s just been too damn hot as well as the normal – too damn wet!
  3. Families / Birthdays / bloody Bomfire Night!
  4. Laziness, there are times that I could have got out and about…I mustn’t have wanted to do so badly enough.

So essentially I am writing off 2019 the walking year. It was lovely to do Blencathra with Sue and Karl, it was fantastic to return to Pendle and yes I am embittered to have not gone more often. I loved the walk I did over Anglezarke Moor and the Southport ambles…but there just were not that many walks. I normally average around twenty ‘boots on’ walks but this year….hmmm!

Right, so, plans for next year:

  1. As I have previously posted on Facebook I have signed up to do the 17 (used to be sixteen) mile version of the Anglezarke Amble in February.
  2. In preperation of the next item, I do fancy giving the full 21 miles Sefton Coastal path a go in April.
  3. And then in June…it’s back off to do…the Yorkshire Three Peaks. This should be a surprise to nobody. And this (next) year I do plan on finishing the thing, ‘though it’s likely I’ll be doing it on my own.

Of course there should be others, but we have a major event (hopefully) happening some time in the first three months of the year which has to take precedent over everything (even the Amble!). If I could have my dream walking year then I would do the following in addition to the ones listed above:

  1. Snowdon, via the Ranger path – it looks stunning, quieter than the Llanberris path and not as steep as the Watkins path.
  2. Scafell Pike – any way, I honestly wouldn’t care but if Great End could somehow be factored in then all the better.
  3. Skiddaw, again any route would be lovely but there is just something amazingly airy about going via the Ullock Pike ridge.
  4. The full Pendle featuring Stang Top Moor, Big End and then Fell Wood and Saddlers Height.  I struggle to believe that I haven’t already done this one.
  5. Likewise, the full Seven Peak traverse of Winter Hill and Anglezarke Moor encompassing Redmonds Edge, Spitlers Edge, Will Narr, Winter Hill, Crooked Edge Hill, Rivington Pike and Great Hill. I’ve got very close to completing this but…!
  6. Helvellyn, not via Striding or Swirrel Edge but just any route up this monster of a mountain would be great.
  7. Pillar, it’s been on my to-do list for too long now, time to get it bagged.
  8. Any circular walk featuring Catbells, but if it factors in Maiden Moor and High Spy then all the better!

Of course there should be more, but I don’t want to get all excited about talking about these walks without doing them!

So, only time will tell, wish me luck folks!