Just an update

So here’s what I’ve been up to for the first four and a half months this year on the walking front.

Photo of some red cabbages growing in a field
Nom, cabbages!

January: Not a lot apart from an 11 miles walk through Marshside, Banks and Churchtown one Sunday afternoon. Actually this was a really enjoyable walk and I got to see lots of vegetables like leeks, cauliflowers and cabbages growing.

Photo of Pendle Hill
Sorry it’s been so long since I was last here.

February: Another failed Amble attempt as I managed to do just about six miles of a circuit of Winter Hill and Noon Hill – just wasn’t up to it this day. One week and a day after this I was pleased to be at Pendle for the first time in over a year to tick off Stang Top Moor and Pendle Hill during a wonderful double header. Later on in the month a quite horrible traversal of Birkdale Cop ruined what had been quite a nice and sunny walk home from work that has so far been the furthest one at 11.5 miles according to Google Maps and notably more according to Fit bit!

March: On the 15th I walked home from work…that was more or less all that happened walking-wise in March.

Should I be worried that there are large plumes of smoke billowing from the back of this place.
Photo of Blencathra
The mighty Blencathra, a new favourite

April: Again not a busy month, plenty of four and five mile urban walks but nothing to report other than one enormout walk home from work which took in all of The Moss from Drummersdale Lane up to Moss Lane. Then a week later I went back to Pool Hey later and did the section up to Moss Lane and then up to Banks via Longmeaneygate and back through Marshside and Fleetwood Road, coming in at a whopping 15.3 miles!

May: so far I have bagged Blencathra with Sue and Karl. And now Chris and I have completed our second Star Trekk walk!